270 years of industriousness, innovation and experience

25 years before the invention of the steam engine and about 150 years before the invention of the car the foundation for today’s UCON was laid in Hausach in 1740. The signs of the times were recognised by establishing an iron mill.

With the building of the railway line (Black Forest Railways) in 1866 industrialisation and economic revival had finally arrived at Hausach.
With the setting up of a state-of-the-art turbine-powered plate mill the activity, nowadays called metalworking had found its way to Hausach in the year of 1888.

, at the start of Germany’s economic miracle period increasing demand for heating oil tanks was spotted, bestowing additional upturn to the company’s fortunes. The container factory had come to life. Only 10 years later, in 1960, serial production came into being.

Since 1998/1999 the company has been bearing the name of UCON and has advanced globally to becoming the leading specialist for containers and container systems made of stainless steel.



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