Optimal environmental safety
Storage containers made of stainless steel.
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Lagerbehälter - umweltsichere Lagertanks aus Edelstahl und Normalstahl.

Storage containers and safety containers

Storage of non-hazardous and hazardous fluids as used in the chemical, mineral oil, food and beverage industry. Pharmaceutical model optional.

Containers as per DIN 6608, 6616, 6618 and 6601.

Usable as per German Federal Water Act / Water Resources Act (WRA) and German Technical Regulations for Flammable Liquids (TRbF).

Nominal capacity
Up to 100,000 litres.


  • Resting above ground with/without leak detector in double-casing on lugs
  • Resting on feet or skirt support above ground with/without leak detector
  • Placed below ground with leak detector in double-casing
  • Verification of suitability for the storage of water-hazardous fluids in various earthquake zones and wind zones available

Special models available on request

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