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Maximum safety provided by stainless steel

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Transporting, storing, mixing
Dosing, filling and emptying

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The company  is approved to      ISO 9001

Zertifikate ISO 9001/14001

Professional solutions made of stainless steel

IBCs are our world. UCON.

As market leader and manufacturer for containers and container systems made of stainless steel and steel, UCON AG Containersysteme KG offers you the globally most comprehensive product range of IBCs - Intermediate Bulk Containers / large capacity packaging. Our large range of containers for fluids as well as bulk materials will also meet your requirements. UCON possesses extensive knowhow about handling hazardous materials and pressure vessels. We emphasize our position of innovative leader with the help of developments such as heatable containers.

Advice, design and production under one and the same roof not only offer you shorter distances but also added service and knowhow. That way, customised solutions for individual customer are created day after day. No matter whether you wish to store, transport, mix, dose or fill!

As likely as not UCON is probably in the course of this looking back on a unique company history of around 275 years!

Additional expertise at UCON: Grape picking tubs, storage containers, shelter components as well as flood and pressure doors as well as achievements in the stainless steel special design sector.


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